Got Policy Questions, “Ask the AdSense Guy”

As part of our continued effort to be as transparent and accessible to publishers as possible, we’ve launched a collaboration with Search Engine Journal with a column titled “Ask the AdSense Guy”.

In this monthly column, we’ll answer questions on topics of interest from the readership of the Search Engine Journal, as well as provide insight into best practices for publishers of all sizes. Our hope is that these external collaborations strengthen overall understanding of our policy positions and allow publishers to scale their long term growth in ways that provide value for their users, as well as advertisers who place ads on publisher sites.

A Search Engine Journal managing partner, Brent Csutoras, interviewed me at Pubcon 2015 to get a glimpse of what investments Google is making to help the entire ecosystem: users, advertisers, and publishers.  Follow our column and share your questions, or submit them as a comment below.  We will answer questions posted on Search Engine Journal, as well as those we collect from our comments section and will post them in the “Ask the AdSense Guy” column.

Ask your policy question now!

Posted by John Brown
Head of Publisher Policy Communications

Source: Inside AdSense