Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap – April 15, 2022

New updates

Unless otherwise indicated, the features below are fully launched or in the process of rolling out (rollouts should take no more than 15 business days to complete), launching to both Rapid and Scheduled Release at the same time (if not, each stage of rollout should take no more than 15 business days to complete), and available to all Google Workspace and G Suite customers.

Japanese grammar suggestions for Gmail
You'll now see grammar suggestions as you type in Japanese in Gmail. Grammar suggestions can help you write faster and more accurately. | Learn more. 

Update to message ID in Google Chat audit logs
In order to make it easier for admins to quickly identify unique messages to take action on in the Security investigation tool, and chat audit logs.  The “Message Id” field will now contain the Space ID and the topic ID. | Available to  Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Standard, and Education plus customers. | Learn more here.

Smart reply in Google Slides
In 2021, we introduced Smart Reply in Docs to save you time by suggesting quick responses to your comments, Now, Smart Reply in Google Slides saves you time replying to comments in Slides by suggesting relevant replies. Smart Reply suggestions appear below the reply box on comment threads in English. | Learn more. 

Previous announcements

The announcements below were published on the Workspace Updates blog earlier this week. Please refer to the original blog posts for complete details.

New beta for data loss prevention helps protect sensitive data when users upload files to external Google Forms
Previously, users in organizational units (OUs) or groups with active Drive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies couldn’t respond to external forms with File Upload questions. Now, we’re launching a new beta that will allow users to respond to external forms that contain File Upload questions, while also helping to prevent the leak of sensitive and confidential information. | Available to Google Workspace Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard and Education Plus customers | Learn more and apply for the beta here.

Use context-aware access to help protect Admin console access
You can now apply contextual access rules to the Admin console. This enables you to control access to the Admin console based on user and device context. | Available to Google Workspace Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Standard, Education Plus, and Cloud Identity Premium customers. | Learn more.

Additional one-click recommended actions in the Alert Center
In the Alert Center, Admins will see new “device wipeout” and “email quarantine” as additional one-click recommended actions.| Available to [list limited number of editions] only. | Learn more.

Join a Google Meet call from Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides
You can now join a Google Meet call from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. In addition to the present to Meet option, you can select “Join the call” to quickly join and present a document, spreadsheet, or presentation to all attendees, allowing everyone in the meeting to collaborate while having a conversation. | Learn more.

Additional functionality for the Apps Script Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Script Editor
We’re now adding several new features to the IDE to help achieve functional parity with the legacy IDE experience. These features are: 

  • Script Properties 
  • Add-on Testing 
  • Time Zone Setting 
  • Rhino Debugging

Learn more here.

Build custom, integrated solutions across Google Workspace with the new AppSheet Apps Script connector
We’re introducing a new AppSheet and Apps Script connector which allows you to extend custom, no-code apps to integrate and automate workflows across Google Workspace. | Learn more. 

New port for Google Meet media and TLS support for Meet on mobile
Google Meet now supports SRTP in TLS on mobile, which increases overall compatibility and helps ensure a higher quality video meetings with Google Meet. In addition, Meet is introducing support to UDP port 3478 to deliver media (note that existing ports 19302–19309 deliver media as well). | Learn more.

Intelligent corrections for formulas in Google Sheets
These intelligent, context-aware corrections help you improve and troubleshoot many different kinds of formulas. Some examples include: 

  • VLOOKUP errors 
  • Missing cells in range input 
  • Locking ranges when applying formulas across cells 

Learn more here.

Specify which Google Chat notifications from Chat and Gmail to receive when your iOS device is in Focus mode
You can now specify which Google Chat and Gmail contacts you still want notifications from when your iOS device is in Focus mode. | Learn more.

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