Google Translate now speaks Sindhi, Pashto

Saying “hello” in Sindhi and Pashto online just got a little easier with the addition of these and 10 other languages to Google Translate today. This brings the total number of languages Google Translate supports to just over 100, making it simpler for people, no matter what language they speak, to communicate with one another.

Google Translate is a free tool that allows anyone to translate information from one language to another. You can use the Translate app on your Android or iOS phone to type in over 100 different languages or hand write phrases in 90 languages. What’s more, Google Translate is also integrated into Google products like Chrome, Search, Gmail and YouTube so that content automatically appears in your language of choice.

It’s estimated that there are over 26 million Sindhi speakers around the world. Speakers of these languages will now be able to type or handwrite a phrase on their phone or computer and it will be instantly translated into English, or vice versa.

Bringing a new language online takes a mix of machine translation, authoritative content, and the help of passionate language speakers with tools like Translate Community. This gives people who know and love their language a way to directly contribute to helping improve the representation, accuracy and understanding of their language online.

With International Mother Language Day coming up this Sunday, you can join people around the world using Translate Community to generate and rate translations of words and phrases the languages you speak. Every contribution to Google Translate Community helps improve the quality of translation over time.

Posted by Sveta Kelman, Senior Program Manager, Google Translate