Google Summer of Code 2022 is open for mentor organization applications!

We are excited to announce that open source projects and organizations can now apply to participate as mentoring organizations in the 2022 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program. Applications for organizations will close Monday, February 21 at 10am PT.

As 2022 begins, so does our 18th edition of Google Summer of Code! With our new updates to the program, we look forward to welcoming not just students, but new and beginner open source contributors over 18 years old into our GSoC community. With increased flexibility in the length of the projects—now offering 175 and 350-hour projects—and the ability to extend the program from the standard 12 weeks to 22 weeks, we hope to spur the interest of more potential GSoC contributors.

Does your open source project want to learn more about becoming a mentor organization? Visit the program site and read the mentor guide to learn what it means to be a mentoring organization and how to prepare your community (hint: have plenty of excited mentors and well thought out project ideas!).

We welcome all types of organizations and are very eager to involve first-timers with a 2022 goal of welcoming 30+ new orgs into GSoC. We encourage new organizations to get a referral from experienced organizations that think they would be a good fit to participate in GSoC.

The open source projects that participate in GSoC as mentor organizations do all kinds of interesting work in security, cloud, development tools, science, medicine, data, and media for example. Projects can be relatively new (about 2 years old) to well established projects that started over 20 years ago. We welcome open source projects big and small and everything in between.

One thing to remember is that open source projects wishing to apply need to have a solid community. While you don’t have to have 50+ community members, the project also can’t have as few as 3 people; the goal of GSoC is to bring new contributors into communities and there should be an established community for them to join.

You can apply to be a mentor organization for GSoC starting today on the program site. The deadline to apply is February 21st at 10am PT. We will publicly announce the organizations chosen for GSoC 2022 on March 7th.

Please visit the program site for more information on how to apply and review the detailed timeline for important deadlines. We also encourage you to check out the Mentor Guide and our short video on why open source projects are excited to be a part of the GSoC program.

Good luck to all open source mentoring organization applicants!

By Stephanie Taylor, Google Open Source