Google releases new traffic alerts on Google Maps

Summer is here and for many of us that means heading out for a road trip to the nearest hill station. The only thing that might slow you down? Traffic. Luckily, Google Maps can help you find the most ideal route to your destination with the least delays. Just in time for you to hit the road, we’ve updated Google Maps with new traffic alerts to help you avoid jams.

Now when you input your destination, you’ll get a spoken alert for upcoming traffic conditions that helps you identify the quickest route. While you’re on the road, Google Maps will give you a heads up if congestion lies ahead, and how long you’ll be stuck in a jam. You’ll also get the option to take alternate routes, including explanations for why one is recommended—whether it’s the fastest or just avoids traffic.
Once you’re in navigation mode on your Android or iOS mobile, you’ll see these updates automatically.
Whether you’re headed out of town this summer, or staying closer to home, Google Maps is here to smooth the way to your destination.

Posted by Sanket Gupta, Product Manager, Google Maps