Funds InsideOUT to Increase Support of Rainbow Youth in Aotearoa New Zealand

The impact of the COVID-related health crisis is not difficult to see. Every aspect of society has been affected in some way, whether its education, the economy or the way whānau can come together. That’s why in times like this, when marginalised communities are being most adversely affected, organisations like InsideOUT are so important. As a national charity that works to give rainbow or LGBTQIA+ youths in Aotearoa a sense of safety and belonging in their schools and communities, InsideOUT’s mission never stops., Google’s philanthropic arm, previously announced a global effort to support over 70 organisations around the world to help the LGBTQ+ community impacted by COVID-19, including InsideOUT. New Zealand’s recipient of this support, InsideOUT, will be able to initiate a series of programmes that would not have been possible without this additional grant.

Designed in collaboration with takatāpui, indigenous rainbow young people, their project aims to increase understanding and awareness of takatāpui identities, support wellbeing of takatāpui young people across Aotearoa, and increase the capacity of organisations and communities to understand and support them. 

This will be done through the following initiatives:

  • A Takatāpui Youth Advisory Group of takatāpui young people will be formed to advise on this work and support its direction from initiation to completion.

  • A Takatāpui Awareness Campaign with posters and social media to share affirming video stories for and by Māori rainbow young people. This will combat the challenge of rainbow Maori youth not feeling connected to either their culture or other rainbow communities. Aiming to connect them with resources and information to validate their sense of identity.

  • Creation of a Takatāpui Video Resource with a short film telling the history of takatāpui and sharing intergenerational stories and perspectives on this identity. Working in close partnership with Dr Elizabeth Kerekere, a takatāpui academic and activist, and Tīwhanawhana Trust, this will assist Māori youth and social service organisations to better understand and respect takatāpui young people, and for rainbow organisations and school Queer Straight Alliances to better understand and include Māori young people. 

  • Work with Kura Kaupapa (Māori-medium schools) to support them to make their school environment more inclusive of and for takatāpui, including gender diverse students by developing resources in te reo Māori to support Kura Kaupapa across Aotearoa to upskill staff. 

  • Te Ao Māori Training Workshops on Te Ao Māori (the Māori world), which will include learning about language pronunciation and concepts to help takatāpui young people connect further with their culture, and help non-Māori young people learn more about Māori culture and feel more confident using te reo Māori.

  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi Training Programme for InsideOUT’s Board and staff to further increase understanding and awareness for Māori cultural competency to embed this understanding further into strategy and day-to-day work. 

The programme will commence and run through 2021, in partnership with other relevant organisations and Kura Kaupapa, Māori-medium schools.

More about InsideOUT

InsideOUT are here to support young people with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, genderqueer, genderfluid, asexual, aromantic, takatāpui, whakawahine, tangata ira tane, fa’afafine, mahu, vakasalewalewa, palopa, akava’ine, fakaleiti,fiafifine and fakafifine identities as well as everyone in between, not sure or who prefers a different label or even none at all!

A national charity providing resources, information, workshops, consulting and support for anything concerning rainbow or LGBTQIA+ issues and education for schools, workplaces and community organisations

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