Google Fi brings spam warnings and Wi-Fi calling to more phones

No matter what phone you use with Google Fi, our phone plan in the U.S., you’ll get great features—like reliable coverage, easy group plans and high speed international data coverage for the same rates you pay at home. 

We’ve been working to bring the Google Fi experience to more people across the U.S., and last year we expanded Fi plans to the majority of Android devices and iPhones. Today, we’re bringing some favorite Fi features to these devices.  

Spam call warnings and the ability to block specific numbers are now available on all phones compatible with Fi—including iPhone—so you don’t have to worry about unwanted calls.

Plus, we are extending our enhanced VPN network and WiFi calling to all Android phones on Fi. When you use our enhanced VPN network, all of your cellular and WiFi traffic are encrypted so you have peace of mind, knowing nobody else can see your online activity. And with WiFi calling, you can make and receive calls as long as you have a WiFi connection, even when you don’t have cellular coverage. 

To use these features, download the Google Fi app and then look for Phone Settings in the app.