Your New Home for Google’s Insights Tools

Today, our lives are lived in moments. We share vacation photos with family and check in on what our friends are up to. There are also other types of moments: the I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy moments. These moments, when we act on a specific intent and expect an immediate answer, happen all the time and all along the consumer decision journey. And they’re increasingly happening on digital platforms.

As we are now able to immediately act on our impulses to answer a question, learn a skill or find the best product for us, the link between our action and our intent has never been closer. The challenge for marketers is to quickly aggregate all of the intent behind these moments into something meaningful, some sense of understanding what consumers truly desire.

Enter Google. Google has the innovative technologies to turn this massive data set into data that can help people create new services and solve big problems.

Even with the biggest of data sets, it’s hard to engineer an insight.  Google provides the factbase of category, consumer, brand, and content data from which just about anyone can find something interesting. But in the hands of experts – the brand managers, planners and creatives of the world – your expertise can turn our findings into true insights. When we can put our data and our tools into your hands, truly groundbreaking work is possible. A centralized location for Google’s insights tools
To help you better harness the power of our data, we have redesigned as a central starting point for the insights discovery process.  Here, you can understand how our solutions help you to understand the intent behind the moments that matter:    

  • Google Consumer Surveys: make confident business decisions with fast, accurate, and insightful market research
  • Google Trends: Anticipate industry trends before they happen, with real-time insights into search behavior
  • Google Correlate: See how seasonality, location, and world events affect search behavior relevant to your industry

In addition, you will find links to compelling, research-driven insights we have published so far, as well as examples on how other brands have partnered with Google and used our data and tools to successfully drive their businesses forward.

Companies of all sizes and across all industries rely on our data and tools to discover how to find solutions to problems and understand what moves consumers.  Today and tomorrow, Google will be there to partner with marketers to help solve their most challenging questions.