Google Cloud CDN joins CDN Interconnect providers, delivering choice to users

With the general availability of Google Cloud CDN, we’re pleased to announce that the number of CDNs in Google Cloud’s CDN ecosystem has risen to eight, offering choice and speed to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers.
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In this blog post, we provide details and testimonials from the companies behind these CDNs, and explain the unique advantages of our own CDN offering.
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Google Cloud CDN highlights:
  • Google Cloud CDN is delivered on Google’s high performance global network and edge infrastructure. Google Cloud CDN uses Google's globally distributed 80+ locations of presence to accelerate content delivery for websites and applications served out of Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage, reducing latency and serving costs.
  • Google Cloud CDN does not charge extra for HTTPS (TLS) traffic.
  • Google Cloud CDN is integrated into GCP. Once you've set up HTTP(S) Load Balancing, you can enable Cloud CDN with a single checkbox as shown below:
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  • We'll be launching a new user interface (UI) for Google Cloud CDN at Google Cloud Next 17 with a separate navigation bar for CDN configuration and reporting, in addition to keeping the existing checkbox for enabling it via the Load Balancing UI. Here's a preview of the new CDN UI:
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Google Cloud CDN performance

Cedexis, a well known web traffic optimization and analytics company, benchmarks and provides visibility into the latency, throughput and availability of leading CDN providers. Cedexis provided data on Google Cloud CDN performance with Google Cloud CDN demonstrating industry-leading performance. Cedexis testing methodology used for gathering this data can be viewed on its website.

CDN Interconnect

The CDN Interconnect program provides choice and depth to Google Cloud customers. It allows select CDN providers to establish direct interconnect links so that customers egressing network traffic from GCP through one of these links can benefit from the direct connectivity to the CDN providers as well as Interconnect pricing.

Below, some of our providers describe their integrations with Google Cloud and the value their CDN’s deliver to GCP customers:

“As more and more enterprises come to rely on cloud-based computing and storage resources to drive their businesses, it’s critically important that performance is maximized and cost effectiveness is maintained. As the operator of the world’s largest distributed CDN platform, we’re collaborating with Google Cloud Platform to ensure that our joint customers can pass traffic directly from Google Cloud Platform to the Akamai CDN, empowering them to take full advantage of their cloud investments." Bill Wheaton, executive vice president and general manager, Media Products Division, Akamai
"We view our collaboration with Google Cloud Platform through their CDN Interconnect program as a crucial step in our mission to help build a better Internet. As a result of the high-speed interconnections between Google Cloud Platform and Cloudflare’s CDN, our joint customers will benefit from amplified performance, increased security and significant savings on their monthly bandwidth bill, making for an altogether better user experience.”Michelle Zatlyn, Co-Founder & Head of User Experience at Cloudflare.
"Fastly customers benefit from pairing our platform’s advanced edge compute, enforcement and application delivery solutions with Google Cloud Platform's origin services. Businesses like Firebase and Vimeo leverage the power of Fastly’s edge features for live log streaming to Google BigQuery and deep analytics, as well as the ability to extend applications as close to the end user as possible for faster, more secure and more reliable global performance.” Lee Chen, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Fastly.
Level 3
“Our CDN is architected for high quality video delivery to support the growth in OTT video. Content creators can process their content in Google Cloud, then deploy seamlessly over our CDN to deliver the fast, high quality video experience end users demand.Jon Alexander, Level 3 Senior Director of Product Management
“Verizon Digital Media Services’ interconnections with Google Cloud Platform help customers delight their users with a lightning fast digital experience that can be scaled globally through our extensive presence and robust connectivity. Our industry-leading cache efficiency supports great user experience while minimizing transaction needs and egress volumes from cloud origins. Our cache efficiency has negated the need for us to charge our customers for origin storage transactions or egress, which makes us an ideal companion CDN to GCP.”  Kyle Okamoto, Chief Network Officer, Verizon.
Limelight Networks
“Using Google Cloud Platform in combination with the Limelight Orchestrate Platform helps our customers make the most of their cloud investments by extending their performance and capability with Limelight's content management, distribution and delivery services. Combining the flexibility of Google Cloud Platform with the workload efficiency and reach of Limelight's global infrastructure and experience, provides a unique platform to help deliver customer satisfaction,”  Steve Miller-Jones, Senior Director of Product Management at Limelight Networks.
Come to Google Cloud Next '17 to learn more about Google Cloud CDN and CDN Interconnect Providers.