Google Ads API 2022 release and sunset schedule

We’re announcing our tentative 2022 release and sunset schedule for upcoming versions of the Google Ads API to bring greater clarity to your planning cycle. Please keep in mind that these dates are only estimates and may be adjusted going forward. Additionally, releases may be added, removed or switched between major and minor. Check back with our release notes and deprecation schedule for updates.

Note: The AdWords API will sunset in April 2022. Migrate all requests to the Google Ads API by then to continue managing your Google Ads accounts.
Version Planned Release
Projected launch* Projected sunset*
v7 Major April 28, 2021 (launched) January/February 2022
v8 Major June 9, 2021 (launched) March/April 2022
v8_1 Minor August 2021 March/April 2022
v9 Major October 2021 June/July 2022
v10 Major February/March 2022 October/November 2022
v10_1 Minor April/May 2022 October/November 2022
v11 Major June/July 2022 March/April 2023
v11_1 Minor August/September 2022 March/April 2023
v12 Major October/November 2022 June/July 2023
*Estimated and subject to change
Where can I learn more?
The following resources can help you with your development planning: If you have any questions or need additional help, contact us via the forum.