GCP Podcast hits 100 episodes — here are the 10 most popular episodes

It was 2015, and we were having coffee in a Google cafeteria when we, Francesc and Mark, came up with the idea for the Google Cloud Platform Podcast. Shortly thereafter, the first episode “We Got a Podcast” was released on the internet. And now, after years of interviewing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers, product managers, engineers, developer experts, salespeople, support staff and more, we’ve released our 100th episode!

To celebrate this milestone, we invited as our guest the venerable Vint Cerf, who's one of the “Fathers of the Internet,” having co-designed the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the internet, and who is currently vice president and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google. We talked to him about the history of the internet, net neutrality, the next billion users, interplanetary networks and more. His interview is totally amazing and you should definitely listen to it.

It also got us thinking about all the other amazing interviews we’ve done over the years. If you aren’t familiar with the Google Cloud Platform Podcast — or if you just want to relive the glory — here are the top 10 most downloaded episodes since it was introduced:

10. #93 What's AI with Melanie Warrick 
Fellow Developer Advocate, Melanie talks to us all about the differences between ML and AI, as well as discussing applications and where she sees this technology going in the future.

9. #82 Prometheus with Julius Volz 
Julius, co-founder of open source monitoring platform Prometheus talks to us all about the history of the platform as well as its capabilities as a monitoring and alerting system.

8. #90 Office of the CTO with Greg DeMichillie 
Greg DeMichillie talks about how GCP interacts with enterprise customers through the Office of the CTO, and lessons that he learned from them.

7. #56 A Year in Review
A review of Mark and Francesc’s favorite moments of 2016 — a great historical snapshot of the technology of GCP in 2016.
6. #76 Kubernetes 1.6 with Daniel Smith
We’re joined by one of the engineers on Kubernetes, Daniel Smith, and we talk in depth about the new features of Kubernetes 1.6, and how developers can take advantage of them. (Mark really nerds out on this one).

5. #62 Cloud Spanner with Deepti Srivastava
Cloud Spanner has been a hugely popular product for GCP, and we talk to Product Manager Deepti Srivastava about why it’s so technologically amazing as well as a game changer for customers looking for a distributed, horizontally scalable database.

4. #71 Cloud Machine Learning Engine with Yufeng Guo 
Another Developer Advocate, Yufeng, comes onto the podcast to introduce us to machine learning, and discuss how Cloud Machine Learning Engine can be used to train, as well as host, TensorFlow models.

3. #75 Container Engine with Chen Goldberg 
We're delighted to have Chen, Google Engineering Director for Container Engine and Kubernetes, to talk with us about the history of Kubernetes and why it’s open source, as well the integrations between Container Engine and GCP that make it so special.

2. #91 The Future of Media with Machine Learning with Amit Pande 
This is a fantastic episode with Amit, Product Management Leader for Google Cloud, to provide practical examples of how machine learning could be applied to the media and entertainment industry. Many things were learned!

1. #88 Kubernetes 1.7 with Tim Hockin 
One of the engineers that started the Kubernetes project, Tim comes onto the podcast to tell us all about the new feature of Kubernetes 1.7. Also, Tim is a super nice guy.

Lastly, the Google Cloud Platform Podcast would like to say thank you to all you listeners that have downloaded the podcast, the interviewees that gave us their time and all the people behind the scenes that helped edit, promote, procure equipment and more. Without all of you, the 100th episode would never have been possible.

To listen to more GCP podcasts, visit gcppodcast.com, or search for it in your favorite podcast app. See you all next week!