Five can’t-miss application development sessions at Google Cloud Next ‘18

Google Cloud Next ‘18 will be a developer’s paradise, with bootcamps, hands-on labs, and yes, breakout sessions—more than 60 dedicated to app dev in some form or another. And that’s before we get to the Spotlight sessions explaining new product launches! We polled developer advocates and product managers from across Google Cloud, and here are their picks for the sessions you can’t afford to miss.

1. From Zero to Production: Build a Production-Ready Deployment Pipeline for Your Next App

Scott Feinberg, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

Want to start deploying to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) but aren't sure how to start? In this session, you'll take an app with multiple process types, containerize it, and build a deployment pipeline with Container Builder to test and deploy your code to a Kubernetes Engine cluster.

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2. Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps with Firebase

Michael McDonald, Product Manager and Jonathan Shriver-Blake, Product Manager, Google Firebase

Firebase helps mobile development teams build better apps, improve app quality, and grow their business. But before you can use it in your enterprise, you’ll have to answer a number of questions: Will it scale in production? Is it reliable, and can your team monitor it? How do you control who has access to production data? What will the lawyers say? And how about compliance and GDPR? This session will show you the answers to these questions and pave the way to use Firebase in your enterprise.

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3. Migrating to Cloud Spanner

Niel Markwick, Solutions Architect and Sami Zuhuruddin, Staff Solutions Architect, Google Cloud

When migrating an existing database to Cloud Spanner, an essential step is importing the existing data. This session describes the steps required to migrate the data and any pitfalls that need to be dealt with during the process. We'll cover what it looks like to transition to Cloud Spanner, including schema migration, data movement, cutover, and application changes. To make it real, we'll be looking at migrating from two popular systems: one NoSQL and the other SQL.

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4. Serverless Compute on Google Cloud: What's New

Myles Borins, Developer Advocate and Jason Polites, Product Manager, Google

Join us to learn what’s new in serverless compute on GCP. We will share the latest developments in App Engine and Cloud Functions and show you how you can benefit from new feature releases. You will also get a sneak peek and preview of what’s coming next.

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5. Accelerating Your Kubernetes Development with Kubernetes Applications

Konrad Delong, Senior Software Engineer; David Eustis, Senior Staff Software Engineer; and Kenneth Owens, Software Engineer, Google

Kubernetes applications provide a new, powerful abstraction for you to compose and re-use application building blocks from a variety of sources. In this talk, we’ll show you how to accelerate your development process by taking advantage of Kubernetes applications. We’ll walk you through creating these applications and deploying third-party, commercial Kubernetes applications from the Google Cloud Marketplace.

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And if you haven’t already registered for Next, don’t delay! Everyone who attends will receive $500 in GCP credits. Imagine the possibilities!