Fairmont Gets Deeper Understanding of Social Interactions for Real Results

How do you improve social messaging for some of the world's most prestigious hotels? If you're Fairmont Raffles Hotels, you turn to Google Analytics. 

Fairmont is famous for its nearly 100 global luxury hotels, from the original Raffles Hotel in Singapore to the grand Empress Fairmont in Victoria, B.C.  The variety of the properties can make social impact tricky to measure, says Barbara Pezzi, Director of Analytics & SEO.

Charmingly direct, Pezzi says her team tried other social media analytics tools and found that "the metrics were really lame. Number of likes and retweets — that didn't really tell us anything." They wanted to know exactly who they were attracting and how.

Once the Fairmont team began using Google Analytics, they were able to see their audiences more clearly and tailor messages to fit. The results were impressive: a doubling of bookings and revenue from social media. 

Here's the whole story:

"It was a big revelation for everyone" — when it comes to analytics, those are the magic words.

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Posted by Suzanne Mumford, Google Analytics Marketing