Fab Friday Android Video Roundup

Author PhotoHey everyone! Last November I moved to Zürich. The chocolate has been so entrancing that I’m falling behind on my Fab Friday posts! The last few weeks have seen a number of Google Android Maps API videos going out, so I thought I’d do a roundup for you.

First up, Paul Saxman worked on a video with the Android team. Let’s take a look at that one first: UXD - What is Context and Why Does it Matter? Nazmul Idris and Paul Saxman distill user research data to show you how people use their devices, what expectations they have from them, and how this changes with their context.

Paul also brings us Getting Started with Markers on Android, where he covers the basics of adding markers to your map using the Google Maps Android API v2.

Next up, we have one from a newcomer to GDLs, Sarah Maddox. Sarah brings you Map Padding in the Google Maps Android API v2. With map padding, you can allow a sidebar or other UI features to hide part of a map, without hiding the Google logo and map UI controls.

Lastly, two of our fantastic interns, Emma Yeap and Iris Uy, worked on additions to the Google Maps Android API Utility Library, and included this video explaining the new and much asked for Heatmap library. Great work!

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend and happy mapping!

Posted by Mano Marks, Google Maps API Team