Ever wonder how YouTube works?

YouTube has always been a place where people come to be informed, inspired, and delighted.
Over the past few months, as our daily lives have changed in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we've seen people turning to YouTube more than ever. As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, we're launching today
How YouTube Works - a new website designed to answer the questions we most often receive about what we're doing to foster a responsible platform for our community, and explain our products and policies in detail.

Answering the important questions

How YouTube Works addresses some of the important questions we face every day about our platform - involving topics such as child safety, harmful content, misinformation, and copyright, as well as tackling timely issues as they arise, like how we have responded to the COVID -19 crisis. Within the site, we explain how we apply our responsibility principles (the Four Rs) - which work alongside our commitment to users' security - to tackle these important questions.

Get to know our products and policies

How YouTube Works provides an in-depth look at our products and settings, such as YouTube Search, Recommendations, privacy controls, and Ad Settings, showing how they help our users have the best possible experience while they ' re using YouTube.Additionally, users will find details of our policies - like our Community Guidelines and monetization policies - so everyone in the community knows what they can and can't do on YouTube. We explain how our policies are developed and enforced in partnership with a wide range of external experts and creators.

Learn about the progress and impact we've made

To show the progress we've made on managing harmful content, How YouTube Works includes facts and figures from our Community Guidelines Enforcement Report, which explain how and why we've removed videos recently.

We also provide data, records, and current trends that have emerged on YouTube to help you better understand the next generation of creators and artists.Users can also explore the stories behind some of YouTube's creative entrepreneurs in Canada, and discover how they are transforming their lives and communities. Get to know Aysha Harun, who's built a successful career on YouTube as a Black Muslim woman, inspring a widely underrepresented community in the beauty and lifestyle space. Or learn more about James Hobson, an engineer turned YouTube creator who takes fictional ideas from movies and comics and turns them into real-life prototypes with the power of STEM.

How YouTube Works is an important part of our ongoing transparency efforts to ensure millions of users, creators, and artists can continue making YouTube a place to connect with others, learn about the world, and showcase their creative talents.

Posted by The YouTube Canada Team