Enterprise Slack apps on Google Cloud–now easier than ever

Slack recently announced a new, streamlined path to building apps, opening the door to corporate engineers to build fully featured internal integrations for companies of all sizes.

You can now make an app that supports any Slack API feature such as message buttons, threads and the Events API without having to enable app distribution. This means you can keep the app private to your team as an internal integration.
With support for the Events API in internal integrations, you can now use platforms like Google App Engine or Cloud Functions to host a Slack bot or app just for your team. Even if you're building an app for multiple teams, internal integrations let you focus on developing your app logic first and wait to implement the OAuth2 flow for distribution until you're ready.

We've updated the Google Cloud Platform samples for Slack to use this new flow. With samples for multiple programming languages, including Node.js, Java, and Go, it's easier than ever to get started building Slack apps on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Slack bots also made an appearance at Google Cloud Next '17. Check out the video for best practices for building bots for the enterprise from Amir Shevat, head of developer relations at Slack, and Alan Ho from Google Cloud.

Questions? Comments? Come chat with us on the #bots channel in the Google Cloud Platform Slack community.