Easily plan trips from Denmark, Norway and Sweden now using Flight Search

Starting today, travelers living in Denmark, Norway or Sweden can use Flight Search to quickly find, compare and book flights originating from each of these countries by accessing www.google.dk/flights/, www.google.no/flights/ and www.google.se/flights/, or by searching for flights directly within Google. Additionally, you can search in your local language and see prices in your local currency from your mobile device, tablet or desktop.

Let’s say you live in Norway and you want to plan a summer getaway. If you access Flight Search, you’ll immediately see the price, duration and type of flight for several popular destinations you might like to visit -- based on your preferences and previous searches. If you set your dates and tap to expand the map, you’ll see live prices for destinations around the world. A trip to Kristiansand sounds nice.
Once you tap on Kristiansand, you’ll automatically be presented with a list of ‘Best flights’ (flights that represent the best tradeoff of convenience and price) and a tip for how you can save a bit. In this case, you can save NOK928 just by leaving one day later. For nearly a thousand Krones it might be worth it!
When you’re ready, you can select the tip, choose your outbound and return flight, and reserve your flights by tapping the red book button.
As you start to plan your next trip from Norway, Sweden or Denmark, try www.google.no/flights/,
www.google.se/flights/ or www.google.dk/flights/ for yourself.

As a reminder, anyone can use www.google.com/flights to plan trips worldwide. We hope Flight Search makes it fast and easy to explore where you want to go and figure out the best time to travel!

Source: Google Travel