Drive Google Apps Marketplace installs from your site

To increase the discovery of your Google Apps Marketplace listings, you can now embed an Integrate with Google button on your website, marketing pages, blog posts, and other properties. This lets domain administrators install your apps with a single click without leaving your site. Once they click the button, administrators can enable your app for all users (or just some of them) just like they would from the Google Apps Marketplace.

Here’s what the Integrate with Google button looks like on

To put the Integrate with Google button on your site, just embed the code below anywhere you want to display the button:
<script src=""></script>
<div class="g-additnow" data-applicationid="your-app-id"></div>
Check out the developer documentation to start integrating today.

Hiranmoy Saha Google+

Hiranmoy Saha is a Software Engineer working on the Google Apps Ecosystem.