DoubleClick Search now supports RLSA

We are happy to announce support for remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) in DoubleClick Search. If you are a DoubleClick Search customer, you can now manage and report on your RLSA campaigns directly in our platform. Further, you can now report on the ROI performance of each individual remarketing list, regardless of how they spread across different campaigns and ad groups.

With this new capability, we’ve made it much easier for advertisers to measure the effectiveness of each remarketing list and their list strategies overall. Up to now, advertisers using RLSA through Adwords have had to duplicate and complicate their ad groups, in order to understand each remarketing list’s value. We are excited to see advertisers enhancing their search marketing campaigns by embracing audience signals, and below we’re shining a light on how customers are improving their results with RLSA:

"Within the remarketing campaigns, renewal customer target groups showed a 89% higher ROI than acquisition customers. Also, 90% of the target group customers turned out to be customers that renewed their contract"  
- Irina Stutvoet, eCRM Marketing Manager, T-Mobile Netherlands

"When AdWords launched RLSA, it offered us a new opportunity to engage with our customers. Now with the addition of conversion reporting in DoubleClick Search, we can finally measure and realize the true ROI of RLSA. Across our agency portfolio we have seen RLSA campaigns improve conversion rates by 70% and CPA of 53% on average compared to non-RLSA campaigns”  
- Matt Wright, Head of Paid Search, iProspect Manchester

As we continue our investments in our audience capabilities, we work closely with our partners to understand what they’re looking for.

With that in mind, over the next three weeks we’ll be hosting a series on the topic of the role of audience signals in search engine management. We’ll share perspectives from organizations like iProspect, Havas Media, and the Internet Advertising Bureau on what the opportunity is, how audience signals will impact search marketing and how marketers can get started.

We hope you enjoy the forthcoming series on audience signals in search engine management!