Doodling for kindness: Check out our 54 contest winners

In January, we kicked off the 12th annual Doodle for Google contest by inviting K-12 students across the country to submit their artistic interpretations of this year’s contest theme “I show kindness by…”. I was particularly excited for this year’s prompt, given how critical kindness is today. To me, showing kindness means doing your best to practice empathy always, and doing the right thing—big or small— to make someone feel seen, heard and valued. This includes being kind to ourselves as well as thinking beyond our own experiences and circumstances to show kindness to each other and our world.

We received tens of thousands of entries from talented students across the country and were blown away by the thoughtfulness and creativity they poured into their artwork. Now, we’re announcing our 54 state and territory winners. From promoting respect and inclusion, to showing empathy to friends, family and community, to treating the environment with care, each of our winners demonstrated a unique commitment to spreading kindness. 

We were incredibly inspired by all of the submissions. To celebrate our talented winners, we sent each of the 54 students an exciting prize box full of Google hardware and swag—as well as a very special congratulatory video message from the Doodle for Google team.

Doodle for Google vot

Head to our website to see the full gallery of all 54 state and territory winners. In the next phase of the contest, we’re asking the public to weigh in by voting for your favorite Doodles. Public voting helps determine who will go on to become one of our five national finalists—one of which will become our national winner. 

Congratulations again to the 2020 Doodle for Google state and territory winners!