Deliver more viewable impressions to get your ads seen

Viewability is a trendy word in the advertising world. This popular metric has become key for advertisers to measure the success of an ad campaign. But what is Viewability?

Viewability is the measurement of a viewable ad impression, meaning that it has appeared within a user’s browser and had the opportunity to be seen. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) defines a viewable impression as an ad that meets the following criteria:

50% of the ad’s pixels are visible in the browser window for a continuous one second.

Think with Google says “If an ad isn't seen, it can't have an impact, change perception, or build brand trust. That's why measuring viewability matters.” For AdSense publishers, this means that increased viewability may encourage greater investments from advertisers.

Global events are opportunities for advertisers to connect with larger audiences and create brand awareness. For advertisers with these goals in mind, viewability matters. Here are a few resources to help get your ads seen this summer.

See Google’s Active View in action and move towards delivering more viewable impressions this summer.

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Posted by Barbara Sarti, from the AdSense team

Source: Inside AdSense