Data analyst challenge prepares students for careers in cloud

This summer, more than 200 U.S. university students enrolled in Google Cloud’s career readiness data analyst challenge, an initiative from the Google Cloud Learning Services team for higher education. The program brought undergraduate and graduate students from more than 50 U.S. higher education institutions together (virtually) to learn about cloud fundamentals and connect with Google Cloud leaders, professionals, and partners. 

Students progressed through the Google Cloud career readiness Data Analyst program, a resource available to faculty at higher education institutions around the world to help prepare students for a cloud-first workplace. The career readiness program works with universities to provide students with learning opportunities in an effort to build an early pipeline of cloud-ready talent to meet the hiring needs of Google Cloud customers and partners. 

Over six weeks, students completed more than 40 hours of training and hands-on experience in data analytics, business intelligence, data engineering, and data science. Jazmin Collins, a student at Arcadia University, described the experience as incredibly valuable: “I've never touched the field of data and data science before in my [computer science] experiences, and this challenge gave me insight into the field, hands-on practice with material in the field, and it really sparked a passion for me to look into it on my own.”

In addition to completing course materials, students engaged in live conversations with Google Cloud leaders and professionals like Sudhir Hasbe, director of product management for Google Cloud. They also learned from Google Cloud partners, like Pluto7 and Quantiphi, about career paths and opportunities that rely on Google Cloud skills. 

Data analysis is considered by Global Knowledge to be one of the top five most needed skills worldwide. In the end, more than 180 students in the program received specialization certificates and Google Cloud skill badges that will help them stand out in their professional careers. 

Universities interested in working with Google Cloud to offer career readiness programs to their students can request further information on our site.