Code the Road: Chicago Developer Meetup Recap

After an amazing day with Harley-Davidson riders in Milwaukee, we made it to Chicago for our second developer meetup. We had a blast showing the developers the Code the Road bus in the middle of downtown Chicago. We hope all who attended had a fantastic time.

Before the event even started we hitched a ride with a few maps developers taking Lyfts into the Chicago office. We spoke to their drivers about topics ranging from the future of maps to who they wish they could carpool with in a Lyft. Once at the event, attendees had the opportunity to explore the bus, pick up pegman stickers (complete with the Lyft mustache), and meet other developers before heading up to hear four technical talks.

I was up first (traveling all the way from Sydney) to discuss using Google Maps APIs in Android apps. I outlined ways to use custom markers, colors, and animations to make maps more focused and easier for users to navigate.

Next up was Ed Boiling, Google Maps for Work Solution Architect, who demonstrated how to use Google Cloud Platform to manage, serve, visualize , and analyze location data.

We, then, welcomed Patrick Skoglund Geospatial Lead from SADA Systems. He outlined how using the Google Maps toolset can help large companies solve complex problems.

We ended the night hearing from Kyle Madsen, Android developer at Lyft. Kyle gave a great overview of his experience with Google Maps APIs at Lyft. He described how the ease of implementation using Google Maps APIs helped them to focus on their core Lyft application while relying on Google Maps for the navigation components.

Next up, we’re on our way to New York to meet with Sesame Street and a few of our youngest fans. We’ll also be hosting our last developer meetup on June 18, so sign-up to join us in New York.

We look forward to seeing you in New York or one of our future stops on the road!

Posted by Florian Bertele, Product Manager, Google Maps APIs