Cheetah Mobile grows revenue 4X for Battery Doctor with AdMob native ads

Six years ago, Cheetah Mobile began as a small company of ten employees that built softwares for PCs. Today, they’re one of the world’s leading developers with over one thousand employees. Their popular apps Clean Master and Battery Doctor have been downloaded by millions around the world.
“What we also enjoyed is seeing the speed at which AdMob is innovating, delivering new features. One good example is the support for native ads.” - Charles Fan, Chief Technology Officer, Cheetah Mobile

The problem

With a growing user base, Cheetah Mobile needed a partner to help them expand to the global market while monetizing their apps.

The solution

Cheetah Mobile turned to Google as their first partner, using AdWords to drive downloads and AdMob to increase revenue from their apps.

The results

Within three years, Cheetah Mobile saw its user base grow 16X with 600M active users. 74% of their users came from outside of China and after implementing native ads for its popular Battery Doctor app, Cheetah Mobile saw its revenue increase 4X.

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Posted by Henry Wang
Product Marketing

Source: Inside AdMob