Celebrate Holi virtually with stories from across India

The onset of spring in India is celebrated with Holi, the festival of color. As we well know, celebrations occur over multiple days, with rituals, playing with colours, special food, dance and music. This year, especially in light of many people practicing social distancing or avoiding physical gatherings altogether, Google Arts & Culture has partnered with Incredible India, Ministry of Tourism and 15 cultural institutions globally to create Holi @ Home, a virtual destination for everyone to explore and experience.

L-R: The Yaoshang Prayer Ritual in Manipur, Palanquins in Puri (from Incredible India), and a Baul Performance at a Folk Holi Festival (from Banglanatak)

Dive deeper into regional traditions

L-R: A Display of Horse Riding Skills, Idols used in a Shigmo Procession, Yubi Lakpi (from Incredible India)

Read about the legends and the science behind Holi, then travel virtually to Manipur to learn about the Yaoshang festival and pick up the rules of Yubi Lakpi, a rugby-like game but with a coconut. Sway to the music of the bauls from West Bengal, and admire elaborately-crafted palanquins from Odisha central to Holi there. Head over to Punjab to attend a spectacular show of sporting skills at Hola Mohalla, but do stop by the Kumaon region in the Himalayas and sing in a baithak, before going west to Goa to watch the animated floats at the Shigmo festival.

Have fun with friends and family  

  Puzzle party - Holi Edition

We’re also launching multiplayer Holi-themed jigsaw puzzles that you can piece together with family and friends virtually. Puzzle away online during the holiday - you can even choose between difficulty settings for everyone, from the beginners to the pros.

We hope Holi @ Home inspires you to celebrate Holi safely from the comfort of your home with Google Arts & Culture, available on iOS and Android.

Posted by Simon Rein, Program Manager, Google Arts & Culture