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Making it easier to watch YouTube videos on TV

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What if you could send YouTube videos from your phone to your TV with a click of a button? It’s an idea we’ve been working on since 2010, and today we’re taking the next step.

We’re making it even easier to play videos from your phone or tablet on your TV, with a YouTube app update for Android and Google TV that automatically pairs your devices on the same WiFi. Just find a video on your YouTube app for Android — like the latest video from GoPro or H+ The Digital Series — click the TV icon that appears, and the video will play instantly on your Google TV.

Like a remote control, you can pause, scroll or skip to the next video with your mobile device as it plays on your TV. Since your devices are connected in the cloud, you can also do things like find the next video to watch from your tablet or browse around the web on your phone, all while the video plays on TV. You can even connect multiple devices to the TV to have your friends add to the playlist. 

Stay tuned to see this feature coming to more devices and screens in the future. The next evolution of TV is in your hands. 

Timbo Drayson, Product Manager, recently watched all of H+ The Digital Series on his TV.

Have Your Say: 2012 ARIA Award for Best Video

YouTube has become the world’s largest stage for up and coming musicians of all shapes & sizes (Gangnam anyone?). We’re proud to continue supporting Aussie music talent by giving you, the YouTube community, the chance to vote for the 2012 ARIA award for Best Video. Have a look at the nominees:

This year, Goyte’s musical sensation Somebody that I used to know has been viewed over 339 million times on YouTube, and that doesn’t include spin-offs and fan-uploaded videos that have been viewed over 260 million times. This group of five people on one guitar, and Wally’s own YouTube orchestra are two of our favourites.

To have your say, visit the official ARIA YouTube channel where you can watch all of the videos nominated for an ARIA this year, including the ten up for Best Video. Simply cast a thumbs up for who you think should win, and be sure to subscribe to the channel to find out who wins.

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Social shift sees Gillard go viral

[Guest Blog Post by Kieran Ricketts, ABC News Online - Cross posted from the Google Australia Blog]

How does a piece of powerful Australian political theatre that saw accusations of misogyny hurled across the political divide become watercooler social media buzz the world over?

As with many ‘overnight’ online successes, it’s the result of a long tail of strategic thinking.
The video in question – whatever your view of the politics that surround it – is compelling, polemic and tense.

And it’s had an extraordinary response – over 1.5 million views in less than a week. It has been watched so much that totalling the amount of minutes viewed equates to over 14.5 years of eyeballing – and it has been ‘liked’ on YouTube 15,000 times.

There are no happy accidents involved. ABC Innovation and ABC News Online have been participating in YouTube Partner Events over the last few months and gained some key insights into how we use the platform better.

We know that what we were doing in the past – simply channelling video en masse through to YouTube – was not working. We know people want a selection of video that is ‘watercooler’ content – content worth sharing, content that generates discussion and debate, powerful words and pictures. So we’re looking for that content actively, and putting it where people are – on social media platforms – instead of waiting for them to come to our News website.

The traffic to the Gillard clip comes from a range of places. It was featured on the YouTube front page, embedded by a variety of international mastheads including The New Yorker and played back 57% of the time on mobile devices – a statistic that would have been jawdropping years ago, but is now the status quo. We’ve also been working with our international social media partner Storyful to make content like this available to major international media partners the minute it is available.

 Ratio of likes to dislikes on the video by the countries that viewed it the most between 8 and 14 October (ordered by number of likes)

To get to this position, we not only hinged off the back of some vastly improved technical processes that get crisp, clean video out of ABC News television systems and onto third parties at lightning speed – but also built a YouTube experience that encourages users to find more related ABC News content right alongside what they’re currently watching. We also place it all on a consistently branded YouTube channel. We’re heartened too that more YouTube users have reacted by subscribing to our YouTube channel so they see more of our content the minute it’s delivered.

The raw Gillard vision was available to a number of media outlets. That the ABC has had such a strong reception to this content ahead of other broadcasters is a reflection of our ability to get it online, in the right place at the right speed – a competitive advantage our rolling news focus at ABC News Online and ABC News 24 enables us to really leverage. It’s a coming of age story for us, really. 

Finding the next generation of talented video educators with YouTube Next EDU Guru

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Across the Northern Hemisphere, students and their teachers are heading back into the classroom for another year of reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic. While what we learn has broadly stayed the same for years, how we learn is changing rapidly as technology advances. The rise of online educational videos is giving learners access to the world’s greatest thinkers and teachers, leveling the playing field for all.

We believe that inspiring online educators can come from all walks of life, and we want to find the next generation of educational YouTube stars - people with a talent for explaining tough concepts in compelling ways, and the passion and drive to assemble a global classroom of students. YouTube educational channels like Khan Academy,CrashCourseVeritasiumNumberphileMinutePhysics and Ted-Ed have grown to millions of views and subscribers - could you be next?

Today we’re teaming up with Khan Academy to start a search for the Next EDU Gurus--10 super talented and engaging content creators who we’ll support with training, promotion, and a $1000 B&H gift card for production equipment, so they can take the next step in their YouTube - and education - careers.

Do you set historical events to music? Doodle your geometry? Sing your Shakespeare? We’re looking for content creators who create all kinds of curriculum-related videos, from grammar to geography, history to histograms. You can submit any style of video as long as it’s educational and family-friendly--just bear in mind that we’re looking for content creators who can take people on a journey through a topic, so if you could imagine making ten, twenty, or fifty more videos on the topic in the future, all the better!

The 10 YouTube Next EDU Gurus will be selected by a panel from the YouTube Education team and the Khan Academy. One of these 10 will also be awarded the Khan Academy EDU Guru Prize. The program is open to creators in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand; it opens today and closes on October 1.

Our new EDU Gurus will help meet the growing demand for great educational content on YouTube. In the last year, you all spent 50% more time learning from YouTube Education’s 700,000 videos, and the number of subscribers to YouTube’s educational channels more than doubled. Check out the homepage today for the latest videos from some of our most engaging educational creators. You can also see a playlist of their latest and greatest below.


If you’re an educator, visit to view more than 300 playlists curated by teachers to align with common education topics. And if you’re looking for inspiration about incorporating YouTube in your school curriculum, see how one school from Kent, WA uses YouTube to experience the world beyond the walls of their classroom.


Angela Lin, YouTube Education team, recently watched “Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33.

Introducing a new YouTube app for your iPhone and iPod touch

For all you diehard YouTube fans out there who can’t get enough YouTube on your mobile, we’ve got some great news: starting today, you can download the official YouTube app for iPhone and iPod touch from the App Store, bringing you more of the videos you love and more ways to share them with the people you care about.

The new app is built by YouTube engineers, to give our iPhone and iPod touch users the best mobile experience. Here’s what you’ll find:

Tens of thousands more videos: Watch official music videos like Taylor’s latest hit.

New YouTube channel guide: Swipe your finger from the left edge of the screen to reveal a guide with your subscribed channels on YouTube, giving you instant access to everything from Alli Sports to YOMYOMF.
Find awesome videos faster: Get to videos like “Gangnam Style” faster with new search tools that give suggestions while you type, and let you sort through videos or channels. Flip through related videos, comments and more info, all while watching a video.

More ways to share with the people you love: Share that incredible video you found on YouTube on Google+, Facebook or text message in the app, as well as from Twitter and email.

There’s even more to explore with the new YouTube app for iPhone and iPod touch, available for download from the App Store today. We’re working on an optimized version of the YouTube app for iPad in the coming months, and stay tuned for more details.

You’ve already shown us you love YouTube on mobile—to the tune of 1 billion mobile views a day—so we can’t wait to see what you think about this new experience.

Andrey Doronichev, head of YouTube mobile, recently watched “One-Shot // Goodbye, beloved sister.

YouTube’s next generation of creators and brand builders

Cross-posted from the Google Australia blog.

Rob Nixon, a former airport ground-crew worker from Perth turns his passion for cooking into a career and an audience of 100 million worldwide. Arlene Zelina, a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Melbourne scores a record contract with a global pop superstar. Natalie Tran, a Sydney media and arts graduate, amasses an audience bigger than the Royal Wedding.

These are today’s media superstars. They’re using the sight, sound and motion of video to reach the 800 million people around the globe who tune into YouTube every month. They’ve become experts in building communities, inviting their audience in to participate in the creation of their content and brand.

The last few days successful Aussie YouTube partners came to Sydney to share their experience and knowledge with advertisers, media companies, other content creators and their fans at our series of YouTube Next events. At these events we’re also celebrating the seven-year evolution of YouTube and looking at the possibilities for our video platform in Australia.

Today, two thirds of online Australians are on YouTube every month and one in five say they now visit YouTube every day. And no surprise for smartphone loving Aussies, one in three Australian YouTube views happens on a mobile device, and this number is growing fast. We love watching Mighty Car Mods DIY car modification videos on our tablets in bed.

Click here or on the image below to check out some highlights from our YouTube NEXT kick-off event at Luna Park on Wednesday night.

Arlene Zelina performing at YouTube NEXT

We’re overwhelmed by the unlimited creativity and curiosity of the growing YouTube community and thanks to our collaboration with AFTRS we’re excited to offer a free, one-day workshop for young creatives like MGPactionsports at our Sydney office to learn how to become the next YouTube star.

We’re excited to see how Rob, Natalie, Arlene and the tens of thousands of other Australian YouTube partners will take it to the next level.

Lucinda Barlow, Head of Marketing Google Australia & New Zealand, recently watched How to order KFC like a boss

Two Aussies Go to Venice: Top 10 Films Selected for Your Film Festival

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Today, we are one step closer to finding the world’s next great storyteller. Over 15,000 filmmakers entered Your Film Festival but only ten finalists remain, each with the hope of winning $500,000 to produce new content with actor Michael Fassbender, director Ridley Scott and his world class team.

During the past month, 3 million people got involved with Your Film Festival by watching, sharing, and voting for their favorite films. So here in the Google Australia office, we are very proud to announce that two of the finalists are Aussies — Damien Power and Adrian Powers!

Here is the full list of ten finalists:

88:88, Joey Ciccoline & Sean Wilson (USA)
Bat Eyes, Damien Power (Australia)
Cine Rincao, Fernando Grostein Andrade & Fernanda Fernandes (Brazil)  
The Drought, Kevin Slack (USA)
El General, Diego Pino Zamora (Bolivia)
The Guilt, David Victori Blaya (Spain)
North Atlantic, Bernardo Nascimento (United Kingdom)
Super.Full., Niam Itani (Lebanon)
Scruples, Adrian Powers (Australia)
This Time, Ramy EL-Gabry (Egypt)

The finalists will soon travel to Italy where they will have their short films screened at the historic Venice Film Festival. They will also pitch a new project idea to Ridley Scott’s production team who, along with the jury including Michael Fassbender, will ultimately name the grand prize winner at a special ceremony on September 2, 2012, in Venice.  As part of their journey to Venice, Emirates has invited the filmmakers to stopover in Dubai for a series of events celebrating their achievement.  

Join these filmmakers as they travel to Venice and stay tuned to the Your Film Festival channel where we’ll take you behind the scenes, tell you more about the finalists, provide special edition movie posters, and of course, unveil the winner. 

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Watch Splendour In The Grass live on YouTube this Saturday

Tickets for this year’s Splendour In The Grass festival sold out in record time, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Thanks to Virgin Mobile, a full eight hours of music will be coming to you live as Splendour returns to Byron Bay — and returns to YouTube for the second year in a row.

So for the festival goer in you that just can’t get enough, put on your gumboots, get our your festival gear and enjoy some live tunes from the comfort of your own home. 

What can you expect?

We kick off at the Supertop stage with Gold Coast’s Bleeding Knees Club at 3:00pm, followed by The Cast of Cheers and Last Dinosaurs at 4:30pm.

And the beauty of watching on YouTube means no crowds to fight with! Pop over to the Mix Up stage and catch Friends at 5:25pm before cruising back to the Supertop for a little action from across the two ponds — British Sensations Band of Skulls, back to back Kiwi female vocalists Ladyhawke and Kimbra, and Swedish Sensation Miike Snow closing out the night at 9:50pm.

We’ll also be featuring interviews and highlights from a number of other acts, will be streaming all the live acts to mobile, and will be putting out video highlights in the days following the close of the festival so you can relive the action wherever and whenever you fancy.

Be sure to check out all the action from 3:00pm until 11:00pm AEST this Saturday, July 28 at (all times in AEST and subject to change)

See you out there. Stay dry and enjoy the show!

Ernesto Soriano, YouTube Australia, just watched Friends - Mind Control

Aussie Filmmakers Among the 50 Semi-Finalists for Your Film Festival

As you may have seen, voting is open for Your Film Festival, the global competition that unites the Venice Film Festival, Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, Emirates and YouTube’s community of film fans, in a quest to discover the next great storyteller.

The Scott Free team selected 50 semi-finalists from more than 15,000 short films submitted by creators worldwide. Now, it’s up to you, the fans, to vote for your favorites, and ultimately send 10 finalists to the Venice Film Festival.

Here in the Google Sydney office, we are excited that Australians and Australian residents are behind many of the entries. Take a look at a few below:

Scruples, Director: Adrian Powers - A young double agent struggles to keep his cover when he witnesses a horrifying crime. Are a few innocent lives worth sacrificing for the greater good?

Bat Eyes, Director: Damien Power - Sixteen year old Adam teases a classmate. When he tries to apologise, she has quite different plans for him.

Boot, Director: Damien Power - A night out with best friends ends in tragedy and a terrible secret. Can you save a friendship with a lie?

Good Pretender, Director: Maziar Lahooti - After trying to convince some local bullies that her father is a robot, 11-year-old Ally is dared to shoot him with a spear gun to prove it.

Kiss, Director: Alex Murawski - Tom has never been kissed. His best friend offers his girlfriend to practice with, awakening Tom’s desire and changing the trio’s friendship forever.

The Telegram Man, Director: James Frances Khehtie - During the long years of World War II, Australia's small farming communities paid a terrible price. In the rural towns of New South Wales, one family each week discovered that their son or husband or brother or father would not be coming home. In the throes of such grief, one seldom considers the man who delivers the news.

At the Venice Film Festival, the 10 finalist filmmakers will have their work screened as part of the opening days of the festival and judged by a grand prize jury of industry professionals, including Ridley Scott and actor Michael Fassbender. The finalists will then pitch their next film project to the Ridley Scott team, all for the chance to win a $500,000 production grant to work with Ridley Scott’s award-winning team to create a new original work for YouTube.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the entries, vote for your favourite films on the Your Film Festival channel, and be part of the largest online film festival ever. Voting ends 13th July, so cast your votes now!

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Vivid Live: Wrap-up and re-live

Earlier this month, Sydney Opera House celebrated Vivid LIVE, with amazing gigs from world-renowned musicians, and a very special pre-show hangout with the Temper Trap. And in a festival-first, four concerts were live streamed on YouTube with FRONTROW, a custom photo sharing app, which let audiences around the world capture priceless moments, like this streaker at The Temper Trap concert, and share them with friends.

There were over 900k views across the four concerts, with over half a million watching the final eye blasting concert from Amon Tobin, making his show the second largest streaming event in Australia since YouTube Symphony Orchestra. Here’s what he had to say about his latest creation, ISAM:

Back by popular demand, you can now replay and relive some of the best moments of Vivid LIVE on the Sydney Opera House Channel, with two special performances available in their entirety: The Lighting of the Sails by German design collective URBANSCREEN, and The Temper Trap’s live performance from their brand new chart-topping album. As you watch, you can lean forward and relive FRONTROW by zooming and panning within the viewer, taking photos, editing and applying filters and sharing your Vivid Live moments on your social networks.

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