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Vivid Live: Wrap-up and re-live

Earlier this month, Sydney Opera House celebrated Vivid LIVE, with amazing gigs from world-renowned musicians, and a very special pre-show hangout with the Temper Trap. And in a festival-first, four concerts were live streamed on YouTube with FRONTROW, a custom photo sharing app, which let audiences around the world capture priceless moments, like this streaker at The Temper Trap concert, and share them with friends.

There were over 900k views across the four concerts, with over half a million watching the final eye blasting concert from Amon Tobin, making his show the second largest streaming event in Australia since YouTube Symphony Orchestra. Here’s what he had to say about his latest creation, ISAM:

Back by popular demand, you can now replay and relive some of the best moments of Vivid LIVE on the Sydney Opera House Channel, with two special performances available in their entirety: The Lighting of the Sails by German design collective URBANSCREEN, and The Temper Trap’s live performance from their brand new chart-topping album. As you watch, you can lean forward and relive FRONTROW by zooming and panning within the viewer, taking photos, editing and applying filters and sharing your Vivid Live moments on your social networks.

Posted by Ernesto Soriano, YouTube Australia, just watched URBANSCREEN: behind the scenes.