Have Your Say: 2012 ARIA Award for Best Video

YouTube has become the world’s largest stage for up and coming musicians of all shapes & sizes (Gangnam anyone?). We’re proud to continue supporting Aussie music talent by giving you, the YouTube community, the chance to vote for the 2012 ARIA award for Best Video. Have a look at the nominees:

This year, Goyte’s musical sensation Somebody that I used to know has been viewed over 339 million times on YouTube, and that doesn’t include spin-offs and fan-uploaded videos that have been viewed over 260 million times. This group of five people on one guitar, and Wally’s own YouTube orchestra are two of our favourites.

To have your say, visit the official ARIA YouTube channel where you can watch all of the videos nominated for an ARIA this year, including the ten up for Best Video. Simply cast a thumbs up for who you think should win, and be sure to subscribe to the channel to find out who wins.

Posted by Ernesto Soriano III, YouTube Australia, just watched Minecraft Style - A Parody of PSY’s Gangnam Style