Bringing Google Meet features to Google Duo for a single, integrated video solution

What’s changing 

To support the millions of users who rely on our technology for video calls and meetings, we’ve made deep investments in both Google Duo and Google Meet. For those using Duo as their cross-platform video calling appservice, we’ve introduced new features like group calls for up to 32 people, the addition of doodles, masks, and fun effects with family mode, and video calling on tablets, foldables, smart devices, and TVs. 

And for those using Google Meet, we’ve introduced more than 100 features and improvements since we made Meet available to everyone in 2020. This included a more intuitive interface, virtual backgrounds and effects, live captions and features that help people feel seen and heard, like auto-light adjustments and noise cancelation. We’ve also made quality and reliability improvements as well as introducing new moderation controls to help keep meetings safe and productive. Outside of video conferencing for work, we continue to see millions of people around the globe use video meetings to host game nights, parent-teacher conferences, and gatherings of their community groups. 

In the coming weeks, we’re adding all the Google Meet features to the Duo app, so users can easily schedule a video meeting at a time that works for everyone or continue using video calling to instantly connect with a person or group. Later this year, we’ll rename the Duo app to Google Meet, our single video communications service across Google that is available to everyone at no-cost. 

There is no need to download a new app, if you are a Duo user, simply ensure you have the latest version of Duo installed on your device. 

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Who’s impacted 

Admins and end users 

Why it’s important 

As part of our continued investment in helping people stay connected, and to adapt to evolving users needs, we’re upgrading the Duo experience to include all Google Meet features. This integrated experience will provide users with a single solution service for both video calling and meetings with people across their lives. 

We’re committed to making the transition from Duo to Meet as smooth as possible. Admins will receive an email detailing the impact to their organization. For more information, please see the Cloud Blog and our Help Center

Important Note: For Google Workspace users, Meet can continue to be used on the web or mobile, as long as the Meet service is ON in the admin console.

Additional details 

Beginning this month, we’ll add the following features to the Duo mobile app: Customize virtual backgrounds in calls and meetings 
  • Schedule meetings so everyone can join at a time that’s convenient for them 
  • In-meeting chat for deeper engagement 
  • Live share content to enable interaction with all participants on the call 
  • Get real-time closed captions to better support accessibility and boost participation Increase size of video calls from a current limit of 32 to 100 participants 
  • Integrate with other tools, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Assistant, Messages and more 

Visit the Cloud Blog for more information on the upcoming changes to Google Duo.

Getting started 

  • Admins: As the admin, you can: 
    • Manage Duo video calling access features by turning off the Additional Google services control. If you turn OFF the Additional Google Services control for your users, you’ll also disrupt any apps without individual ON/OFF switches. Note: This applies to Duo video calling features only, this will not impact Meet functionality. 
    • Control Google Meet access using the Admin console. To prevent your users from losing access, we recommend keeping Google Meet ON for your organization. 
      • If you do turn Meet OFF for your organization, users who have a Duo account and are registered with your organization account will lose access to Duo when Duo updates to Meet. 
      • Visit the Help Center to learn more about how Duo is being upgraded

  • Education Admins: 
    • Users under 18: Duo is currently restricted for users under 18. Admins do not need to change any settings to ensure that under 18 users will continue to not have access to Duo calling features when the Duo app is updated. 
    • Users over 18: If you have the Additional Google services control enabled, users over 18 will continue to have access to Duo calling features. 
      • If you do not want over 18 users to have access to Duo calling features, turn the Additional Google services control off which will prevent users from using all Additional Services that do not have an individual ON/OFF control. 

  • End Users: Make sure you have the latest version of Duo: 


  • All Google Workspace customers, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers 
  • All users with personal Google Accounts