Appy holidays: ‘Tis the season of downloads, make sure your app is part of this seasons’ activities

The holiday season is around the corner and it’s a time of opportunity for app marketers — more people will be shopping on their mobile devices in shopping moments, and phone sales generally go through the roof on and around Christmas Day. Millions of apps will be downloaded as people customize their new devices. Shopping also doesn’t end after Christmas passes — the post-holiday season is enormous, with 58% of holiday shoppers planning on taking advantage of post-holiday sales and promotions.1

Top Tips for an Appy Holiday
For app marketers, the pre and post-holiday bump in traffic and purchases is a gift — so we got our experts together to help you get ready. Here are our 4 top tips to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time this holiday season.

1. Be there for the seasonal mobile bump with Universal App Campaigns.
With just one campaign you can drive app discovery across the entire Google network. Drive app installs at your target CPI throughout this peak period across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. It’s fast and easy to set up and reaches customers whether they’re already in an app, searching for new apps, watching YouTube, or browsing the web.

2. Enhance your Play Store Presence for Christmas Day
One in four app users discovers an app through search2 and now you can run ads exactly where users are searching for apps — on Google Play. And once you’ve gotten people to your Play store listing, make sure you’re turning visitors into installs by running Store Listing Experiments in the Google Play Developer Console. Use experiments to test variants of graphics and text on your Play Store listing and choose the option that drives the most installs.

3. Get Your App on New Phones
Customers personalize their new phones around the holidays. These happy new phone owners will be looking to personalize their gift by installing new apps after unwrapping, and New Device Targeting will allow you to reach them during these exciting moments. Use this easy and quick targeting option in your AdWords app install campaigns within the 'Interest & remarketing' section, adjust your bids based on the value of those users and see your user base grow.

4. Engage holiday shoppers with video
Video is a great medium to reach new app users — the average YouTube user is 2x more likely to download apps.3 It is particularly useful for retailers, as 42% of online shoppers use video as part of their pre-purchase research, and 64% use YouTube to find products.4  Make sure you’re using your latest video assets not just for brand building but for driving app installs as well. You can show up alongside relevant content, or target viewers with interests related to your app with YouTube app promo. It’s now easier than ever to control costs with our new new bidding feature that lets you cap at your own target.

We hope with these tips, you have a successful, merry, and appy end to the year!

Posted by Alexandra de Sá Moreira, Global Product Expert, Search Apps

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Source: Inside AdWords