Announcing rewarded video custom event support for AdMob mediation

Following its launchat the 2016 Game Developer’s Conference, AdMob’s mediation support for rewarded video ads has been a hit with publishers and users alike, with rapid adoption on both Android and iOS platforms.

Our growing list of mediation partners includes eight different ad networks. Choosing AdMob for your rewarded video mediation platform gives you access to ad content from all of them, while you develop against a single API from AdMob. Now, with the launch of custom events for rewarded video, you can also request and display rewarded videos from ad networks that are not directly supported by AdMob.

Our implementation guide for rewarded video adapters (Android| iOS) outlines how to implement an adapter that can serve rewarded video ads from a third party ad network. Special attention should be paid to steps specific to custom events that are summarized below:

Adding a custom event to your ad unit

To define a custom event, you must first create it in the AdMob interface at You can find instructions for creating a custom event in this help center guide.

Retrieving server parameters

The optional server parameter passed to your custom event is accessed via a special key. Here’s an example showing how to access the value in a rewarded video adapter:


String parameter = serverParameters.getString(


NSString *parameter = [self.connector.credentials

You can find additional documentation on rewarded video ads in our Get Started guides (Android| iOS), and more information about mediation is available in our mediation guides (Android | iOS). For any other questions about rewarded video mediation, you can reach us through our developer forum.