An update to authorization in Apps Script

For developers, part of the simplicity of Apps Script has always been that authorization requires zero setup — but we heard from users that the process required too many clicks. At Google I/O this year, we launched an opt-in version of an easier authorization flow; today, that new flow becomes the default for all new scripts.

The old way — and the new.

Besides being prettier and easier, the new flow offers benefits behind the scenes: it allows more scripts to be simultaneously authorized on the same account, which means you shouldn’t need to reauthorize a script unless the code changes substantially.

For developers who use the advanced Google services, the new flow also gets rid of some manual steps that were previously required. Every new script now automatically creates a project in the Google APIs Console — no more messing with secret keys!

If you want the same experience for your existing scripts, you can upgrade them manually in just a few seconds.

Steve Lieberman   profile

Steve is an engineer on the Apps Script team in NYC. Before joining Google, he developed financial-trading systems and researched automatically-parallelizing compilers.