A few more ways to make Forms your own

Earlier this month, Google Forms got snazzed up with new customizable and pre-designed themes that let you easily create beautiful surveys—and today’s updates give you even more ways to build and share those surveys.

Find what you’re looking for 
Similar to Docs and Slides, you can use the “Search the menus” shortcut to get quick access to nearly all the features in Forms, without having to dig through the different menus at the top of the page. To find a feature, simply press Alt+/ or look under the Help menu.
New ways to manage your questions 
You’ll also be getting new tools to control how your survey questions appear to others. For example, you can now:
  • mix things up by randomizing the order of questions on quizzes or surveys with the new “shuffle questions” option. 
  • make sure you only get one answer per person by turning on the “only allow one response per user” feature in settings. 
  • limit people to one response per column for grid-style questions using the new option under “advanced settings.” 

Get the word out with shorter URLs 

And of course, what’s the point of creating a survey is you can’t share it with others? To make this easier, now when you click the “Send form” button, you’ll see a checkbox for creating a tidy URL to share. 
Learn more about all the ways you can use Google Forms at google.com/forms/about and stay tuned to our +page and Twitter account to follow along with the latest updates for all the Docs editors.

Posted by Elynn Lee, Software Engineering Intern