A developer’s toolkit for building great applications on GCP

Whether you're looking to build your next big application, learn some really cool technology concepts or gain some hands-on development experience, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a great development platform. But where do you start?

Lots of customers talk to us about their varying application development needs  for example, what are the best tools to use for web and mobile app development, how do I scale my application back-end and how do I add data processing and intelligence to my application? In this blog, we’ll share some resources to help you identify which products are best suited to your development goals.

To help you get started, here are a few resources such as quick start guides, videos and codelabs for services across web and mobile app development, developer tools, data processing and analytics and monitoring:

Web and mobile app development:

Google App Engine offers a fully managed serverless platform that allows you to build highly scalable web and mobile applications. If you're looking for a zero-config application hosting service that will let you auto-scale from zero to infinite-size without having to manage any infrastructure, look no further than App Engine
Cloud Functions is another great event-driven serverless compute platform you can use to build microservices at the functions level, scale to infinite size and pay only for what you use. If you're looking for a lightweight compute platform to run your code in response to user actions, analytics, authentication events or for telemetry data collection, real-time processing and analysis, Cloud Functions has everything you need to be agile and productive.

Build, deploy and debug:

Developer tools provide plugins to build, deploy and debug code using your favorite IDEs, such as IntelliJ, Eclipse, Gradle and Maven. You can use either cloud SDK or a browser-based command line to build your apps. Cloud Source Repositories that come as a part of developer tools let you host private Git repos and organize the associated code. Below are a sampling of resources, check out the developer tools section for more.

Data Processing and Analytics:

BigQuery offers a fast, highly scalable, low cost and fully managed data warehouse on which you can perform analytics. Cloud Pub/Sub allows you to ingest event streams from anywhere, at any scale, for simple, reliable, real-time stream analytics. BigQuery and Pub/Sub work seamlessly with services like Cloud Machine Learning Engine to help you add an intelligence layer to your application.

Monitoring, logging and diagnostics:

Google Stackdriver provides powerful monitoring, logging and diagnostics. It equips you with insight into the health, performance and availability of cloud-powered applications, enabling you to find and fix issues faster. It's natively integrated with GCP, other cloud providers and popular open source packages.
I hope this gives you enough content to keep you engaged and provide great learning experiences of the different application development services on GCP. Looking for tips and tricks as you're building your applications? Check out this link for details. Sign up for your free trial today and get a $300 GCP credit!