Search and export new Sites with Vault beta

What’s changing 

You can use Vault to search and export content in new Google Sites with a new beta program. Note that the beta will only support Vault’s search and export functionality, it will not support Vault’s holds and retention functionality.

Use our Help Center to find out more, or apply to join the beta here.

Who’s impacted 

Admins only

Why you’d use it 

Customers that sign up for the beta will be able to find content in new Sites, preview and navigate through the site in the Vault interface, and export sites for further analysis. This can expand your organization’s archiving and eDiscovery by adding content from new Sites.

How to get started 

Additional details 

Details of actions available in the beta 

Search for content in new Sites. You can search for Sites alongside other Drive content, or use the operator type:site to target just Sites data in Google Drive.

Find specific sites by their published URLs. Use our Help Center to learn more about searching for Sites data in Vault.

Preview and navigate through the site in the Vault interface, and export sites for further analysis.

Scope of functionality available through the beta: 

  • Vault only supports content in new Sites. Classic Sites content is not supported. 
  • Only the most recent version of the draft site will be available for search and export in Vault. 
  • This could be different from the published version of the site, as unpublished changes would be included. 
  •  This beta program only provides access to search and export functionality for new Sites, and does not include retention or hold functionality. 

Helpful links 


Rollout details 

G Suite editions 

  • Available to G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise for Education editions, as well as other G Suite customers with the Vault add-on license 

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