YouTube Creator Workshops Kick Off in Manukau

Last week we kicked off the YouTube Creator Workshops in Manukau, Auckland, with many showing up to meet, learn and work with fellow creators from all over the city. These events are for the next generation of YouTube creators who are looking to learn how to set their channel up for success and build positive communities online.

We want to encourage and nurture budding local talent, to help them find their place on the global stage that is YouTube. With over 45% of local YouTube content being viewed from outside of New Zealand, we’re committed to supporting Kiwi creators into a career in this ever changing media environment.

Video content agency Changer Studios delivered the programme and shared knowledge on how to keep your voice and remain socially aware, and how to get your videos watched by the right audience. Attendees also heard from successful YouTube creators, Torrell Tafa and Ben Mikha on what they’ve learned in their years developing and putting out content.

The number of YouTube channels in New Zealand with over 100,000 subscribers, which is the point where many turn their content into a career whether full or part time, has increased by over 50% between this year and last. We want this number to continue to grow, by sharing best practice advice with budding creators on building a sustainable business on the platform, and giving them access to successful creators who have built a brand on and off YouTube.

This was the first in a series of workshops that will travel around the country. Further dates can be found online.

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