Your tree-loving, earth-celebrating Google Assistant

Today is Earth Day and your Google Assistant is here to help you make the most of it. Whether your day is full of clean-ups on the beach, enjoying nature in the forest or sitting at a park—basically the Earth Day of our dreams—your Assistant can help you give a little love back to our earth.

Earth Day GIF

  • Ask your Assistant on Android phones, “where is the nearest community garden?” Put your green thumb to work, meet some new people or just stop to smell the flowers.
  • Have your Assistant in Allo “Tell me some earth day tips.” Paperless bills, turning off the water, biking and more!
  • “Play some nature sounds” on your Google Home to bring the outside in.
  • “Ok Google, tell me a fact about nature.” From the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines to the North Pole, learn about the world.
  • Do some good and ask your Assistant on Pixel “Where is the closest recycling center?” 

Close your eyes, listen to the sounds of nature (from your Assistant, a seashell or otherwise) and have a great weekend!