Your apps + Google Apps = awesome

In 2013, we have made a lot of enhancements to our developer ecosystem. From the Admin SDK to the Google+ API for Domains, we've provided developers with better tools to build applications that integrate with, and add functionality to, Google Apps.

We are starting to roll out some significant changes that will make it easier for developers to build, deploy, and market applications for domain installation. This is a major improvement to our existing Google Apps Marketplace experience that we originally launched in 2010. You can get started right away by following our documentation here.

Some of the major enhancements in the new Google Apps Marketplace:

Improved security — Domain admins can install and authorize your applications for specific organizational units rather than the whole domain.
Consistent development experience — Use OAuth 2.0 for authorization and manage Google APIs in the Google Developer console.
Test before publishing — Test your app easily using the “Test Install” button in the Google Developers console vs. having to publish a live app.
Simplified publishing experience — Publish to the Chrome Web Store to use a single app listing for apps that work with both Google Drive and Google Apps for Business.
Deeper integration — Integrate with services like Google Drive and Google+ and into Google’s new app launcher.
Easier discoverability — Domain admins can discover your great apps directly from the Admin console.

We love our developers who are building third-party solutions for Google users. Please provide feedback on how we can improve the experience and help you connect with over 5 million companies that use Google Apps to improve how they get work done. Here are some great apps to get you inspired - Promevo gPanel,, UberConference, AODocs, Spanning Calendar Undelete, Flashpanel, and MindMeister. Get started with your Google Apps integration today!

Arun Nagarajan   profile

Arun is a Developer Advocate on Google Apps. Arun works closely with the community of partners, customers and developers to help them build compelling applications on top of Google Apps. Arun is originally from the Boston area and enjoys basketball and snowboarding.