You have the #PowerToDecide

Every day you show us how strong your voice is. Whether you’re campaigning about climate change, or supporting your favourite creator to raise money for a cause you care about, or just being downright funny, we’re never in doubt of your passion or power to make yourself heard.

The General Election on the 8th of June is an opportunity for people to have their voices heard -- by walking into poll booths and casting their votes. Tons of you are watching the election debates, chewing over the issues and thinking about who to vote for. And we encourage people - especially young people - to use their #PowerToDecide and make themselves heard in Westminster next week.

From Humza Arshad to Suli Breaks to FunForLouis, creators from across YouTube are lending support to the #PowerToDecide campaign and uploading their own videos, like the Mandeville Sisters to rally their fans to vote in the run up to polling day.
Use your #PowerToDecide. Vote on 8th June.

Alina Dimofte, Public Policy at YouTube just watched Election blind dates: Toff and Jack Monroe

Source: YouTube UK Blog