Wordsmith for Marketing: Using the Reporting API to automate agency client reports

This is a guest post by Cole Faloon, a developer for Wordsmith for Marketing at Automated Insights.

Digital marketing professionals live and breathe Google Analytics, AdWords and social media, constantly measuring just how well their strategies are performing. But communicating successes in client reports takes an inordinate amount of time. Enter Wordsmith for Marketing, the client reporting solution from Automated Insights that automatically transforms Google Analytics, AdWords and social data into plain-English reports.

The vastness of data in Google Analytics made it an obvious foundation for Wordsmith for Marketing. Our app is built around the Google Analytics Core Reporting API. The app pulls down metrics like visits, page views, and conversions for different periods, comparing the data across spans of time.

The API is flexible enough for us to receive dates at the ranges we need. We can slice up the data by pre-defined dimensions by week, month, and quarter.

Another feature we love? Google's implementation of the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework. It allows users of our solution to sign in with their Google account, getting us access to their Analytics data right away and creating a fluid user experience. They just log in and they’re ready to go.

Empowered by Google Analytics, we give marketers a clear explanation of how their clients’ digital marketing efforts are performing and advice on how to improve; they have the option of editing the reports to add finishing touches or comments before sending them on to their clients. Wordsmith for Marketing automatically produces insightful client-ready analysis, saving marketing agencies hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars while allowing them to better serve their clients. 

- The Google Analytics Developer Relations team, on behalf of Wordsmith for Marketing