With your Google Assistant, the weekend’s golden

Ready to get your green on for St. Patty’s celebrations? With parades going on across the country, you're in luck—with a little help from your Google Assistant. Just touch and hold the Home button on your Android phone* and try this for a weekend that’s over the… rainbow:

  • Play Irish River Dance videos on YouTube
  • Text my bestie, “we’re learning this routine this weekend”
  • How do you say “we’re going to rock the parade” in Gaelic?
  • Give me walking directions to the Chicago River
  • Remind me to pick up something green in the morning
For more things to try, check this out. Sláinte!

*The Google Assistant is available on on Android Marshmallow and Nougat Phones with Google Play Services. To get started, simply touch and hold the Home button on your phone.