with DoubleClick: Periscopix drives 330% increase in clients’ conversions

This post is part of the with DoubleClick series, highlighting stories and perspectives from industry leaders about how they are succeeding with an integrated digital marketing platform.

As leading specialists in SEM, Periscopix was looking to extend its digital marketing offering to include display. With core competencies in optimization and performance, the team saw the growth of programmatic buying as the perfect opportunity to begin optimizing their clients’ campaign across channels.

Periscopix adopted DoubleClick Digital Marketing for all of their digital efforts, from building creatives, to executing across reservations and programmatic, to measurement and optimization. By implementing the unified platform, Periscopix was able to efficiently expand into display, while staying true to its reputation for transparency and performance.

The results speak for themselves. In a 90-day period, the conversion rate among Periscopix clients increased 509%, and post-click conversions increased 330%. At the same time, they saw a 158% increase in site traffic across all clients.

To read more about how Periscopix is driving success across channels, read the full case study here.

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