What’s Up On YouTube: One Album Per Hour With Beardyman

The music-making process is traditionally seen as prolonged and painful: weeks spent burning through budget in a darkened studio, wrestling with recording equipment and sweating over songwriting. Beatbox maestro Beardyman is having none of that -- he's planning to make an album an hour in a series of live shows on YouTube which harness the power of his audience and input from a celebrity record producer.

The series starts with Jack Black at the controls from 9pm this Sunday, September 14, as Beardyman prepares to sift through song titles submitted online. He'll then lay down a bassline, instrumentation and conjure up verse and chorus using nothing more than his mouth, his mind and a mass of electronic trickery (including the all-new Beardytron_5000 mkIII). The weeks to come will see Peter Serafinowicz, Tim Minchin and Daniel Sloss submit to the same process.

So tune in for an hour of music, madness and improvisation with a strong chance of comedy live on YouTube this Sunday. Not to mention the opportunity to watch Beardyman sweat and presumably fast-forward through the 'difficult second album' barrier. For more trending videos head to the YouTube UK spotlight channel and if talk of tunes has you wanting more, /music has playlists to suit every mood.

Jamie Dolling, YouTube UK, recently watched "Kutiman -- Thru You Too -- GIVE IT UP".

Source: YouTube UK Blog