What’s Up on YouTube: Boxing, More Boxing and Migrating Birds

Las Vegas is built on showbusiness and right now the biggest show in town is the forthcoming fight to decide who will become the Welterweight Champion of the World, with the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather taking on Marcos Maidana. As part of the build-up to the bout, the Showtime Sports channel has produced an Emmy-nominated series profiling the fighters, which sits neatly alongside full-length fight footage and more, including Maidana’s 2010 loss to the UK’s Amir Khan at light welterweight — billed by Oscar De La Hoya as one of the fights of the decade. 

If that isn’t enough of the sweet science for you, British boxing legend Chris Eubank’s son, Chris Jr, has set up a channel documenting his progress in the ring. The latest uploads show him knocking out Hungarian champion Sandor Micsko in the second round of the their eight-round fight, taking his tally to 14 fights unbeaten. 

Another series of note to hit YouTube this week comes from TV naturalist Chris Packham, who, when he isn’t busy inserting The Smiths and David Bowie song titles into his BBC “Springwatch” scripts, is a keen birdwatcher. Troubled by the springtime tradition in Malta of shooting migrating birds — much of which is illegal — “Malta - Massacre on Migration” sees Packham talk to local campaigners, hunters and the local Police as he takes a closer look at a practice that many believe is impacting bird numbers across the whole of Europe.

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Jamie Dolling, YouTube UK, recently watched “Ed Sheeran F64”

Source: YouTube UK Blog