We have your ticket to travel back in time to Google Games 2016!

We just wrapped up five weeks of epic adventure during Google Games, and this is your golden ticket to experience all the fun!  Google Games is an annual event that allows us to bring Google’s culture, a lot of entertainment, and some friendly competition to computer science students across North America.  This year, the games were hosted in 14 different cities, and we were introduced to nearly 2,000 challenge-seeking undergraduate students from 60 different universities.  

From the patio on Google’s campus in Sunnyvale to a rooftop in Chicago, there were 17 events in 14 different cities across North America.

Participants, encouraged to dress up in costume, encountered different challenges including Trivia, Building, Puzzles, Word Association and Coding.  We awarded prizes to the top three teams at each location who had the most points at the end of the day.  The Spirit Award was presented to the teams with a contagious energy or who got creative with this year’s theme - time travel!  

Teams went head to head competing in five different challenge categories, and the winners were able to take home some well deserved Google SWAG.

Team “Liveware Problem” in Waterloo was the only team to solve every single coding question - 18 problems in 75 minutes.  In Cambridge, team “Benevolent Bodacious Barbarians Plus Plus” finished the puzzle challenge with a top score across all locations.  A huge congratulations to all the teams who were crowned the winners at each site.

  • Giant Hand from the University of Texas at Austin
  • ); DROP TABLE teams; -- from Princeton University
  • Liveware Problem from the University Of Waterloo
  • We're Bad At This from Carnegie Mellon University
  • UNO CS Squad from the University Of New Orleans
  • Thyme Lords from New York University
  • Volcano Volcanoes from the University Of Washington, Seattle
  • Chrono Crew from the University Of Maryland College Park
  • Shuai's Guys from Northwestern University Illinois
  • Jumping Jalapeños from Georgia Institute Of Technology
  • nibbles ᕕ( ՞ ᗜ ՞ )ᕗ from Stanford University
  • EPOCH FAIL from the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT)
  • Team Avocado from San Jose State University
  • Tyrannosaurus Rekt from WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Doctor Poo from the California Institute Of Technology
  • Ultimate Norf from Harvey Mudd College
  • Team a4c1bed85s0365c from the University Of British Columbia

The Building challenge at Google Games involved some creative thinking and many straws.  

Add Google Students to your circles on Google+ to learn more about next year’s competition.  We hope to see you there and uncover your passion for computer science.