Watch our new ‘Zen of Monetization’ video series to learn how to make money from your app

So you built an amazing new app and it’s attracting lots of users. You’ve received stellar reviews and your ratings are up, but you don’t hear coins falling into your money box.

How do you change that?

The path to a profitable business isn’t necessarily an easy one. To make the journey less rocky,  the  “Zen of monetization” video series blends instruction, tips, and real-life examples to help you effectively develop, implement, and measure your monetization strategy.

Our series focuses on:
Android In App Payments That Works - Learn how to use In App Payments and make more money from your app.
The Revolution Of Cryptocurrency - Get a quick overview of bitcoin technology. Find out why it's interesting, how it works and what are the main challenges.
The Art of Retaining Users - Learn how to create an effective user retention plan.
In App Payment House Ads - Grow your revenue and create new revenue streams by using In App Purchase House Ads
Introduction to In App Billing - (Coming soon)

If after watching these videos, you’d like to dive deeper into the business of making money,  try our “App Monetization” course with Udacity. Also, stay connected on all things AdMob by following our Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages.

Until next time,
Ido Green, Developer Advocate

Source: Inside AdMob