Visual updates to Search and Now cards

Today, people use Google very differently from just a few years ago—we’re now as likely to touch and talk as we are to type. We also use Google on an endless number of devices, from mobile phones, TVs, and watches, to the dashboards in our cars, all in addition to desktop. We just announced a new visual language for Google that reflects this. You’ll start seeing our new logo, icon and animated dots soon across Google, including when you search on the mobile web and, of course, the Google app.
With mobile devices in mind, we’ve also made some changes to our search results page to help you more easily find what you need and dive into diverse content such as images, videos, news stories and more — by simply swiping and tapping.

On Android, we’ve also updated the “home page” of our Google app (which you can always get to by tapping the new, colorful G icon). On days when there’s a doodle, you’ll find it at the top of the page and Now cards will be organized by category so you can find what you need more predictably. As your day progresses, Now cards shift and change size so that the most important ones stand out.

If today’s news makes you curious about how our logo has changed over time, a search for Google logo history will give you a peek. And for those times when you’re feeling curious, we also have something fun!

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Source: Inside Search