Updated release schedule for AdWords API

At the beginning of the year we announced an experimental bi-monthly release schedule for the AdWords API. Based on the results of this pilot and feedback from our developer community, we've decided on a quarterly release schedule for 2017. The 2017 API releases are scheduled for February, May, August and October.

We received positive feedback on increasing the release frequency from the previous three-times-a-year schedule. We also heard that the accompanying sunset schedule was an added burden for some API users. The quarterly release schedule aims to address this feedback. We will continue to monitor the release frequency and your feedback

On average, every AdWords API version released in 2017 will be available for approximately 10 months. One month after every major release, we will sunset the oldest outstanding API version. Similar to the 2016 schedule, we will support 3 releases concurrently at all times and 4 releases for a brief period of 4 weeks at a time to accommodate developers who want to skip two major releases.

As a reminder, v201605 is scheduled to sunset on February 28, 2017. We will post details about the release and sunset of other AdWords API versions on this blog and our developer site. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on the AdWords API forum.