Updated basemap style for Google Maps APIs

Google Maps APIs will soon be updated with a new look and feel to provide an experience in line with the recent updates to Google Maps. Late last year, we refined the color, typography, and iconography of the Google Maps basemap to improve focus, clarity of information, and readability.

This means that the maps in your products will eventually get an update as well, with stylistic changes such as:

  • New basemap with an updated color scheme and typography

  • An updated pin style marks points of interest on the map in place of the previous circular icons

  • Different colors and icons reflecting categories of points of interest (Food & Drink, Shopping, Transport, etc.)

Existing design

New design


The transition to the new look will happen over time and by individual API, with an opt-in period (defaulting to the previous style) and an opt-out period (defaulting to the new style) before the new style is enforced.

The first APIs to offer the new look are the Google Maps SDK for iOS and the Google Places API for iOS, which we are launching as opt-in today. To get updates on the timelines for each API, star the following issues on the Maps APIs Issue Tracker.

If you experience any issues with the Google Maps APIs new styles please let us know by creating a bug report.


Estimated opt-in launch

Tracking issue

Google Maps SDK for iOS

13 February

Google Places API for iOS

13 February

Google Maps JavaScript API

14 February (version 3.32)

Google Static Maps API

Mid February

Google Maps Android API


Google Places API for Android


The updated style is already live across all Google products that incorporate Google Maps, including the Assistant, Search and Android Auto. Opt-in to the new style to give your users the same consistent experience no matter how or where they see our maps.