Update to Customer Match Uploads in the Google Ads API and the AdWords API Starting March 1, 2021

On March 1, 2021, the Google Ads API and the AdWords API will have a new upload limit for each Customer Match upload request. There is no change to the limit of the overall Customer Match audience list size.

What code do I need to change?
When uploading user identifiers for Customer Match, check that the number of user identifiers you are uploading per request is within the limit.
Google Ads API AdWords API
Limit 100,000 per request 500,000 per user list ID per request
Method OfflineUserDataJobService.AddOfflineUserDataJobOperations() AdWordsUserListService.mutateMembers()
Field userIdentifiers membersList
Error on exceeding upload limit TOO_MANY_USER_IDENTIFIERS TOO_MANY

Why is this changing?
In order to make the processing of Customer Match user identifiers more efficient, we needed to set the new upload limit.

If you have any questions while updating your code, please reach out to us on our Google Ads API and AdWords API forum.